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Beech Cliff from Echo Docks
Platform Tents Dot the Woods
Summitting one of the bald peaks of Mount Desert
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Sailboats Pass the Dining Hall

Echo Staff

Echo Lake Camp is run by a group of five senior staff who are dedicated to making the camp run as smoothly as possible. Their talents are augmented by a staff of young, enthusiastic members of the "croo" who take on the daily tasks of keeping the camp clean and the campers fed.

Summer 2019 Senior Staff

ManagersScott and Elly Preston
Assistant ManagerBill & Kathy Waste
ChefTina Lunt
Assistant ChefButch Seavey

Summer 2019 Croo


2019 Camp Committee

The AMC Echo Lake Camp committee hires the camp managers, approves the budget, solicits leaders, and develops camp policies. The committee is elected from those camp guests who have stated a willingness to serve a three year term of office.


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Other Employment

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